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How to Turn a Milk Box into a Chic Wallet

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Recycle the milk cartons and transform them into a pretty wallet. This creative idea is very simple to put into practice.

You will need:
– milk carton
– scissors
– acrylic blanket
– brush
– patterned fabric
– black elastic
– decorative button
– black fabric strip
– glue for fabric
– white glue
– needle and thread


Open the milk carton and  press it to let it straight.Cut one side of the carton, wash the interior and let dry.

Glue the painted side of the box using the brush and the white glue and stick the acrylic blanket.

Let dry, then use fabric glue to stick the fabric over the acrylic blanket and over the silver part of the box.

Cut out the fabric excess.

Make the form of the wallet by folding the covered carton two times.

Round the edges of one part and sew the edges of the other two parts together.

Make a hole with the scissors in the center of the rounded part, place the elastic by making a knot and sew the button.

Glue black fabric strip to cover the borders.

Close the wallet by passing the elastic around it, then fix at the button.

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